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The April Anonymous Protest Against Scientology Manchester

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10th March 2012
Can't you see we're Mancfags, let me hear you applaud
We are more than just trolls, we're all shiny golden gods.

If you think its time to f**king honk, and f**king troll, out of control,
well then you know you got to flip the block,
you f**king suck our f**king c**ks,
'cause when we protest, we f**king mess, all of the Sci's, out of their stress,
'cause if you think it's time to,
if you think it's time,
if you think it's time for pub o'clock.

He is going to rule your f**king globe,
and you know his name's Leaderfag Strobe,
filming and f**king planning,
and f**king rocking,
and f**king trolling,
and f**king [vocal sollo]...buberup buberrup buberup doo doodle dothdo

-Mancacious D




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