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The April Anonymous Protest Against Scientology Manchester


THOUSANDS of former members publicly condemn the Church of Scientology

Over 2,000 former members of the Church of Scientology Inc. have spoken out publicly under their real names against abuses witnessed or experienced first-hand within the organization. This is according to a list released on Oct. 28, 2012 which has been compiled over the past three years by Anonymous.

The extensiveness of this list demonstrates that there is a significant problem with organized Scientology, and counters all their claims in the media that so-called "disgruntled ex-members" or "apostates" are a "small group" or few in number.

The written and spoken accounts of stories linked to in the list also prove false claims by the Church of Scientology that there are no such policies of "Disconnection", "Fair Game", noisy investigations and abuse of legal process currently in use to harass critics and intimidate former members into silence.

While their backgrounds vary widely, their stories are similar: rigid control of information, enforced disconnection from loved ones, zealous fundraising campaigns, physical and emotional abuse of children and adults, slave labor camps designed to reinforce indoctrination, and other disturbing practices. Their compelling stories emerge from numerous countries all around the world, many of them spanning decades.

Listed are names of individuals who no longer practice Scientology at all, as well as others who do so outside the purview of the organization. Documentation is provided for each name.

It is estimated that thousands more have resigned quietly or spoke out but withheld their names in fear of retaliation. Anyone who is a victim or witness of abuse within organized Scientology is encouraged to speak out and add your name and personal story to the list to help stop further abuse. We hope that the people named here will empower you.


    The IAS (International Association of Scientologists) received over five million dollars from just 70 of these former members, averaging more than $71,000 each.
    699 of the former members have a combined total of more than thirteen thousand years of experience inside the organization, averaging 19 years each.

Anonymous now celebrates the recognition of thousands of human voices no longer silenced or alone.

You can find the list online here:

Since February 2008, Anonymous has protested the crimes and abuses of the "Church" of Scientology and its many front groups. These protests and public awareness efforts, such as this list, will persist for as long as the crimes and abuses continue.

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