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Project Chanology

Project Chanology is the name of the Anonymous Operation against the Cult of Scientology.
Here is the famous video that marked the start of it all, the declaration of war on the Cult of Scientology.
What was sparked simply by an overaggressive resonse to an internal Scientology video of Tom Cruise,
had now become a war on the so called 'Church of Scientology' for its many abuses of its members, the
Fair Game attacks on critics, the suppression of free speech, and being altogether rather unpleasant.
Anonymous's aim? To dismantle the 'Church of Scientology' in its present form.
The road to February 10th, 2008.
Anonymous: Still Alive II - February 2010
Anonymous Manchester: 2nd Anoniversary
Anonymous Manchester: 3rd Anoniversary (trailer)
We Run This
Black As Your Soul
Sea Arrrgh (2008) Trailers
Anonymous v Scientology

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