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The April Anonymous Protest Against Scientology Manchester

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Manchester Protests

All of our raid videos can be found in the Past Protests section of the website, but here are a few we've handpicked.

Raids from 2008 - 2010
(Made as a trailer for the third anniversary raid)

Raids in 2011
More raids than '08 + '09 put together.

Clips from the first 'Sea Arrrgh'
Anonymous's pirate-themed protest is a play in Scientology's 'Sea Org'
Put together by Tony Leigh aka 'GetBeckyOut' as a tribute

Boogaloo Xenu
A true classic from 2008
Xenu is the intergalactic warlord in Scientology's OT3 story that tricks people into coming in for an income tax investigation before freezing them, blowing them up and making their souls watch movies. Then their souls attached themselves to humans and that causes us all of our problems today. Not buying it?
Be warned - the video's very loud when it kicks in.

November / December 2010

Some 2008 Lulz
From August '08, featuring an epic hell march (before the police banned it in case we 'murdered' anyone)

September 2010

2nd Anoniversary Raid
Febrary 2010 - celebrating two years of protesting the cult

More lulz will be had, more videos will be added.

Still wanting more?
Check out our past protests section, our YouTube channels below, or even turn up to our next protest and experience it in person!

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