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BBC Panorama on Scientology

In the last few years, the BBC has made two 'Panorama' programmes about some of the dangers of Scientology.
As well as the material covered in the programme, it is a creepy insight into what happens if you investigate the
cult or speak critically of it.
Scientology and Me (2007)
The 2007 Panorama got some unusual publicity before it aired, when footage filmed by the Scientology film crews
who were following the BBC was uploaded online. The footage showed the John Sweeney bellowing at the top of
his voice over the voice of Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis. The cult had intended to use this footage to
discredit Sweeney's report, but instead it backfired by giving the show more publicity. It was clear when watching
the documentary that the church executives had been working to try and get Sweeney to crack, spying on them
constantly and trying to 'handle' him. The church also used their own footage to make a counter-documentary, in
another attempt to discredit Panorama.
Secrets of Scientology (2010) 
Three years later, John Sweeney did a follow up investigation to his 2007 documentary. He knew the tactics to
expect, he was predictably spied on and followed again. Unexpectedly, however, one of his main sources this time
was one of the top Scientology executives who was tasked with 'handling' Sweeney last time. He has since left
the cult and helped Sweeney understand some of the abuse on the inside.
Scientology Response 
Anonymous greatly support freedom of speech and information, which is what got us interested in fighting the cult
of Scientology in the first place. Despite Scientology's attempts to suppress free speech, we always suggest you
look at BOTH sides and make your own mind up. Given that, here are links to the Scientology 'responses' to the
two Panoramas.
Even if claims in their version are true, do you think this is enough to discredit the facts in the programmes?
Do you think that this documentary is 'good journalism' as they accuse Panorama of not being?
How much of this is simply character assassination?
You decide. It's entertaining viewing, anyway.

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